Negative Progress - June 28th

Well, I decided that If I'm going to keep track of all the progress that I make on the Summer of Painting, I should probably keep note of all my Negative progress as well. These 4 are new additions to the backlog.

My addiction to buying new Blood Bowl releases continues unabated! Grim Ironjaw is the Star Player for the Dwarf Blood Bowl team. He immediately jumps to near the top of my "To-do" list, as part of the team I want to complete in time for use at the Gen Con Bowl.

Grombrindal and the Black Gobbo are more generic star players that I plan to do up in the future. Like Grak & Crumbleberry, I'm not quite sure what kind of color scheme I'm going to do them in, as they can be on a wide variety of teams.

Bete Noire (my first Malifaux model, I might add) was not a planned addition to the Backlog. Apparently Wyrd miniatures included some free plastic models in the Free RPG Day 2017 kits. I'm not one to turn down a free miniature, so when my FLGS had them available with the rest of the freebies, I made sure to grab one of those as well. Who am I to say no to free miniatures?