Negative Progress - July 19th

Well, shit.

I played in the AoS Skirmish event at Thunda' on the Tundra this past Sunday. At the event there were numerous raffle prizes available.

I won a new (Yup, another one!) 2-Player Starter Box! This time for Infinity. I'm more interested in painting the Yu-Jing over the Haqqislam, so that's jumping up higher on the painting list for me. I'm probably going to eventually look into maybe specializing into a Japanese Sectorial army, but for now I'm going to keep it generic Yu-Jing

Another addition, the perennial expansion of my Blood Bowl collection continues unabated. The new Goblin Secret Weapons were the most recent release that I've received, and I'm looking forward to getting them painted up right away. Going to do all my Greenskins at once, (and in a similar color scheme) so that I can mix-and-match the units, and run either an Orc or Goblin team.

I also obtained my first Primaris Marine! (this one from the "Starting 40k" magazine that released this past weekend). Unsure how I'm going to paint him up. I have Dark Angels, Space Wolves, and Deathwatch so I could easily do it up in one of their colors. However, if (when) I pick up Dark Imperium, I am undecided if I'm going to use the Primaris Marines as SW/DA/DW, or if I want to pick one of the other chapters out of there. I know 2 people doing Imperial Fists, so those are out.

I may just end up painting him up in Ultrasmurfs colors, and do it has a one-off piece.

Till next time,